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Open Source Software

Project Description
jedi-language-server a language server for the latest version(s) of Jedi
serdelicacy deserialize and serialize (ish) Python objects
toml-sort command line utility to sort and format your toml files
latexbuild light Latex build wrapper for Python with Jinja2
cookiecutter-hovercraft a cookiecutter template for use with Hovercraft
coc-jedi coc.nvim wrapper for jedi-language-server
vim-filetype-formatter cross language Vim code formatter plugin
vim-keywordprg-commands Neovim/Vim “keywordprg command” authoring utility
nvim-repl create, use, and remove an interactive repl within Neovim

Pygotham 2019: Poetry

NYC Vim Meetup: Vim + Tmux